NOW That's What I Call Disney [4CD] (2021) сборник [MP3] скачать торрент

NOW That's What I Call Disney [4CD] (2021) торрент
Исполнитель: сборник
Стиль: Pop, Dance
Год выпуска: 2021
Длительность: 03:55
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

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Краткое содержание Трек-листа сборника:

VA - NOW That's What I Call Disney (4CD) (2021) Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️ (83 файла)
CD 1 (20 файлов)
mp301. Into the Unknown (From ''Frozen 2'').mp3 (7.64 Mb)
mp302. Remember Me (From ''Coco'').mp3 (6.43 Mb)
mp303. Circle of Life-Nants' Ingonyama (From ''The Lion King'').mp3 (9.41 Mb)
mp304. Beauty and the Beast (From ''Beauty and the Beast'').mp3 (8.91 Mb)
mp305. Reflection (From ''Mulan'').mp3 (5.72 Mb)
mp306. Trip a Little Light Fantastic (From ''Mary Poppins Returns'').mp3 (16.41 Mb)
mp307 Prince Ali (From 'Aladdin').mp3 (8.19 Mb)
mp308. You've Got a Friend in Me (From ''Toy Story'').mp3 (4.87 Mb)
mp309. Under the Sea (From 'The Little Mermaid ').mp3 (7.58 Mb)
mp310. You're Welcome (From 'Moana ').mp3 (6.11 Mb)
mp311. Breaking Free (From ''High School Musical'').mp3 (8.11 Mb)
mp312. Hakuna Matata (From The Lion King' ').mp3 (8.28 Mb)
mp313. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (From 'Mary Poppins ').mp3 (4.88 Mb)
mp314. What's This (From 'The Nightmare Before Christmas ').mp3 (7.24 Mb)
mp315. Be Our Guest (From ''Beauty and the Beast'').mp3 (8.67 Mb)
mp316. A Whole New World (From 'Aladdin ').mp3 (6.89 Mb)
mp317. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (From 'The Lion King ').mp3 (9.36 Mb)
mp318. I Can't Let You Throw Yourself Away (From 'Toy Story 4 ').mp3 (4.96 Mb)
mp319. The Best of Both Worlds (From 'Hannah Montana ').mp3 (6.93 Mb)
mp320. I Think I Kinda, You Know (From 'High School Musical- The Musical- The Series ').mp3 (6.73 Mb)
CD 2 (20 файлов)
mp301. Let It Go (From ''Frozen'').mp3 (8.7 Mb)
mp302. Born to Be Brave.mp3 (7.4 Mb)
mp303. Kiss the Girl (From ''The Little Mermaid'').mp3 (6.39 Mb)
mp304. Un Poco Loco.mp3 (4.44 Mb)
mp305. I Just Can't Wait to Be King.mp3 (6.77 Mb)
mp306. The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers.mp3 (1.56 Mb)
mp307. Heigh-Ho.mp3 (6.53 Mb)
mp308. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo.mp3 (3.2 Mb)
mp309. Trust in Me.mp3 (6.83 Mb)
mp310. Baby Mine.mp3 (4.15 Mb)
mp311. Let's Go Fly a Kite.mp3 (4.45 Mb)
mp312. When She Loved Me.mp3 (7.27 Mb)
mp313. Belle.mp3 (12.94 Mb)
mp314. Colors of the Wind.mp3 (8.4 Mb)
mp315. That's How You Know (From ''Enchanted'').mp3 (8.98 Mb)
mp316. Speechless.mp3 (8.16 Mb)
mp317. A Star Is Born.mp3 (4.95 Mb)
mp318. I See the Light (From ''Tangled'' - Soundtrack Version).mp3 (8.8 Mb)
mp319. When We're Human.mp3 (5.58 Mb)
mp320. Circle of Life.mp3 (9.3 Mb)
CD 3 (20 файлов)
mp301. The Bare Necessities.mp3 (11.33 Mb)
mp302. A Spoonful of Sugar.mp3 (9.69 Mb)
mp303. Whistle While You Work.mp3 (7.99 Mb)
mp304. Cruella De Vil.mp3 (8.45 Mb)
mp305. Bella Notte.mp3 (6.66 Mb)
mp306. They Live in You.mp3 (7.12 Mb)
mp307. When Will My Life Begin (From ''Tangled'').mp3 (5.97 Mb)
mp308. Just Around the Riverbend (From ''Pocahontas'').mp3 (5.82 Mb)
mp309. One Jump Ahead.mp3 (5.09 Mb)
mp310. I Won't Say (I'm In Love).mp3 (5.51 Mb)
mp311. Part of Your World.mp3 (8.15 Mb)
mp312. The Place Where Lost Things Go.mp3 (8.7 Mb)
mp313. We Belong Together.mp3 (9.44 Mb)
mp314. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride.mp3 (8.17 Mb)
mp315. Lava (From ''Lava'').mp3 (4.71 Mb)
mp316. Zero To Hero.mp3 (5.52 Mb)
mp317. Rotten to the Core.mp3 (6.34 Mb)
mp318. Evermore.mp3 (7.64 Mb)
mp319. I'll Try.mp3 (8.98 Mb)
mp320. Man Or Muppet.mp3 (6.93 Mb)
CD 4 (20 файлов)
mp301. Mickey Mouse March (From ''The Mickey Mouse Club'').mp3 (6.21 Mb)
mp302. When You Wish Upon a Star (From ''Pinocchio'').mp3 (7.53 Mb)
mp303. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (From ''Cinderella'').mp3 (10.66 Mb)
mp304. Some Day My Prince Will Come.mp3 (4.56 Mb)
mp305. Once Upon a Dream (From ''Sleeping Beauty'').mp3 (6.46 Mb)
mp306. You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! (From ''Peter Pan'').mp3 (10.21 Mb)
mp307. Give a Little Whistle.mp3 (3.88 Mb)
mp308. He's a Tramp.mp3 (5.27 Mb)
mp309. Chim Chim Cher-ee (From ''Mary Poppins'').mp3 (6.56 Mb)
mp310. Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me) (From ''Pirates Of The Caribbean'').mp3 (3.14 Mb)
mp311. He's a Pirate.mp3 (3.61 Mb)
mp312. The Unbirthday Song.mp3 (4.46 Mb)
mp313. Pink Elephants on Parade.mp3 (4.29 Mb)
mp314. Happy Working Song (From ''Enchanted'').mp3 (5.06 Mb)
mp315. Almost There.mp3 (5.67 Mb)
mp316. Scales and Arpeggios.mp3 (4.18 Mb)
mp317. Little April Shower.mp3 (9.2 Mb)
mp318. So This Is Love (From ''Cinderella'').mp3 (3.69 Mb)
mp319. It's a Small World.mp3 (7.15 Mb)
mp320. Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater (From ''The Mickey Mouse Club TV Show'').mp3 (4.24 Mb)
Covers (3 файла)
fileINFO.nfo (1.14 Kb)
jpgcover.jpg (444.22 Kb)
jpgfolder.jpg (77.82 Kb)

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