Bakersfield Sound Essentials (2021) сборник [MP3] скачать торрент

Bakersfield Sound Essentials (2021) торрент
Исполнитель: сборник
Стиль: Rock, Country
Год выпуска: 2021
Длительность: 02:07:43
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

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Краткое содержание Трек-листа сборника:

Bakersfield Sound Essentials (2021) (48 файлов)
mp301. Buck Owens & The Buckaroos - Act Naturally.mp3 (5.59 Mb)
mp302. Merle Haggard & The Strangers - Mama Tried (Remastered 2001).mp3 (5.17 Mb)
mp303. Wynn Stewart - Wishful Thinking.mp3 (6.55 Mb)
mp304. Tommy Collins - You Better Not Do That.mp3 (5.84 Mb)
mp305. Dwight Yoakam - Honky Tonk Man.mp3 (6.48 Mb)
mp306. Dave Dudley - Six Days on the Road.mp3 (5.12 Mb)
mp307. Redd Volkaert - You're Still on My Mind.mp3 (7.59 Mb)
mp308. Farmer Boys - Flash, Crash and Thunder.mp3 (5.04 Mb)
mp309. Rose Maddox - Sing a Little Song of Heartache.mp3 (4.92 Mb)
mp310. Jan Howard - The One You Slip Around With.mp3 (5.45 Mb)
mp311. Bobby Austin - Castle of Love.mp3 (4.16 Mb)
mp312. Buddy Alan Owens - Big Mama's Medicine Show.mp3 (5.49 Mb)
mp313. Dale Watson - Truckin' Man.mp3 (6.64 Mb)
mp314. Dennis Payne - The Conscience Of You.mp3 (6.36 Mb)
mp315. Desert Rose Band - Love Reunited.mp3 (6.88 Mb)
mp316. Bill Kirchen, Austin de Lone - Hounds of the Bakersfield.mp3 (7.37 Mb)
mp317. Kay Adams - Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday.mp3 (5.32 Mb)
mp318. Bill Woods - Phone me baby.mp3 (4.63 Mb)
mp319. Gary Paxton - Bakersfield.mp3 (8.14 Mb)
mp320. Bonnie Owens - Yes, I Love You.mp3 (5.96 Mb)
mp321. Don Rich & the Buckaroos - Buckaroo.mp3 (4.74 Mb)
mp322. Red Simpson - I'm a Truck.mp3 (7.29 Mb)
mp323. Al Brumley - Someone's Gonna Get Hurt.mp3 (5.4 Mb)
mp324. Jean Shepard - Twice The Lovin' (In Half The Time).mp3 (6.23 Mb)
mp325. Billy Mize - Solid Sender.mp3 (6.28 Mb)
mp326. Maddox Brothers, Rose Maddox - Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down.mp3 (5.4 Mb)
mp327. Jelly Sanders - Fiddlin' Country Style.mp3 (4.15 Mb)
mp328. Lorene Mercer - Ballad Of A Truck Driver's Wife.mp3 (6.91 Mb)
mp329. Dwight Yoakam with Buck Owens - Streets of Bakersfield.mp3 (6.56 Mb)
mp330. Wynn Stewart - Big, Big Love.mp3 (5.6 Mb)
mp331. The Dudes - What A Relief, It's All Over.mp3 (4.66 Mb)
mp332. Stan Martin - A Working Man Ain't Working Out for Me.mp3 (8.54 Mb)
mp333. Ferlin Husky, Terry Preston - Don't Believe A Word They Say.mp3 (4.8 Mb)
mp334. Joe Maphis - Flying Fingers (with Larry Collins) (Album Version).mp3 (6.2 Mb)
mp335. Kenny Vernon - Ain't That A Shame.mp3 (4.73 Mb)
mp336. Doyle Holly - Before You Go.mp3 (5.47 Mb)
mp337. Gib Guilbeau - I'll Live Today.mp3 (6.88 Mb)
mp338. Vince Gill, Paul Franklin - He Don't Deserve You Anymore (Album Version).mp3 (8.62 Mb)
mp339. The Sanland Brothers - Red Roses (For My Baby).mp3 (5.86 Mb)
mp340. Al Coker - Don't Go Baby.mp3 (4.97 Mb)
mp341. Jean Shepard, Ferlin Husky - A Dear John Letter.mp3 (5.92 Mb)
mp342. Rusty Dean - It's All over but the Crying.mp3 (12.18 Mb)
mp343. Merle Haggard & The Strangers - The Bottle Let Me Down.mp3 (6.53 Mb)
mp344. Rose Maddox - Honky Tonkin'.mp3 (5.64 Mb)
mp345. Susan Raye - L.A. International Airport.mp3 (6.63 Mb)
mp346. Buck Owens & His Buckaroos - I've Got a Tiger By the Tail.mp3 (5.18 Mb)
mp347. The Derailers - Bar Exam.mp3 (8.06 Mb)
mp348. Dwight Yoakam - This Time.mp3 (9.19 Mb)

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