Best of 2021. Reissues (2021) сборник [MP3] скачать торрент

Best of 2021. Reissues (2021) торрент
Исполнитель: сборник
Стиль: Pop, Rock, RnB, Jazz, Soul, Classical
Год выпуска: 2021
Длительность: 06:48:45
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

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Краткое содержание Трек-листа сборника:

VA - Best of 2021. Reissues (2021) MP3 (82 файла)
mp301. George Harrison - My Sweet Lord (2020 Mix).mp3 (10.79 Mb)
mp302. The Beatles - Across The Universe (1970 Glyn Johns Mix).mp3 (8.11 Mb)
mp303. The Band - Across The Great Divide (Live At The Academy Of Music - 1971 - Soundboard Mix).mp3 (8.93 Mb)
mp304. The Rolling Stones - Living In The Heart Of Love.mp3 (9.73 Mb)
mp305. Cat Stevens - The Wind.mp3 (3.98 Mb)
mp306. John Lennon - Love (Ultimate Mix).mp3 (7.85 Mb)
mp307. Nancy Sinatra - The City Never Sleeps at Night (Bonus Track).mp3 (6.77 Mb)
mp308. The Pretenders - Brass in Pocket (Demo) (2021 Remaster).mp3 (8.7 Mb)
mp309. U2 - Even Better Than The Real Thing (Remastered 2018).mp3 (8.48 Mb)
mp310. David Crosby - Laughing (2021 Remaster).mp3 (12.41 Mb)
mp311. Fleetwood Mac - Dreams (Live at Palais de Sport, Paris, France 6-14-80).mp3 (9.99 Mb)
mp312. Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In the Sky (Live at Knebworth 1990).mp3 (11.69 Mb)
mp313. Graham Nash - Teach Your Children (Demo) (2021 Remaster).mp3 (7.47 Mb)
mp314. Joni Mitchell - River (With French Horns) (Blue Sessions).mp3 (9.42 Mb)
mp315. The Replacements - I'm in Trouble (2021 Remaster).mp3 (5.06 Mb)
mp316. Black Sabbath - You Won't Change Me (2021 Remaster).mp3 (15.19 Mb)
mp317. The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Sunset Sound Demo).mp3 (10.99 Mb)
mp318. Eric Clapton - Lonesome And A Long Way From.mp3 (8.73 Mb)
mp319. Kiss - Shout It Out Loud (2021 Remaster).mp3 (6.57 Mb)
mp320. Ozzy Osbourne - Hellraiser (30th Anniversary Edition).mp3 (11.31 Mb)
mp321. Rory Gallagher - It Takes Time (Tangerine Studio Session).mp3 (8.18 Mb)
mp322. Brian May - Rollin' Over.mp3 (10.55 Mb)
mp323. Mötley Crüe - Girls, Girls, Girls (40th Anniversary Remastered).mp3 (10.39 Mb)
mp324. Jethro Tull - Fylingdale Flyer (Steven Wilson Remix).mp3 (10.59 Mb)
mp325. The Jacksons - Blame It On the Boogie (12'' Version - John Luongo Disco Mix).mp3 (16.1 Mb)
mp326. Donna Summer - The Wanderer (Figo Sound Full Mix).mp3 (9.23 Mb)
mp327. Outkast - ATLiens.mp3 (8.94 Mb)
mp328. The Roots - Swept Away (featuring Cassandra Wilson).mp3 (8.74 Mb)
mp329. Garbage - Can't Cry These Tears (2021 Remaster).mp3 (9.94 Mb)
mp330. Muse - Futurism (XX Anniversary RemiXX).mp3 (7.97 Mb)
mp331. Roxette - Joyride (Brian Malouf US Single Mix).mp3 (9.2 Mb)
mp332. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Live In Del Mar, California-1991).mp3 (11.13 Mb)
mp333. Travis - Sing (Remastered 2021).mp3 (8.9 Mb)
mp334. R.E.M. - Departure (Live Rome Soundcheck Rome, Italy - 2-22-1995).mp3 (8.24 Mb)
mp335. Radiohead - If You Say the Word.mp3 (10.05 Mb)
mp336. Sting - All This Time (Edit).mp3 (9.23 Mb)
mp337. Supergrass - Sun Hits the Sky (2021 - Remaster).mp3 (11.37 Mb)
mp338. The White Stripes - Hotel Yorba.mp3 (5.04 Mb)
mp339. The Black Keys - Howlin’ for You (BBC Session).mp3 (8 Mb)
mp340. Alphaville - Fantastic Dream (2021 Remaster).mp3 (9.13 Mb)
mp341. Marillion - Punch and Judy (2021 Stereo Remix).mp3 (7.82 Mb)
mp342. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Lost Sessions).mp3 (7.79 Mb)
mp343. Madonna - La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix).mp3 (12.48 Mb)
mp344. Tina Turner - Bold And Reckless (2021 Remaster).mp3 (8.9 Mb)
mp345. Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There (7” Radio Mix).mp3 (9.5 Mb)
mp346. The Avalanches - Since I Left You (Cornelius Remix).mp3 (12.92 Mb)
mp347. Other Lives - Dead In The Water.mp3 (8.85 Mb)
mp348. Sharon Van Etten - A Crime (By Big Red Machine).mp3 (6.55 Mb)
mp349. The Band - When I Paint My Masterpiece (2021 Remix).mp3 (10.36 Mb)
mp350. Grateful Dead - Mama Tried (Live at the Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA, July 2, 1971).mp3 (7.34 Mb)
mp351. Of Monsters and Men - Lakehouse (2011 Iceland Release Version).mp3 (13.62 Mb)
mp352. Tame Impala - Alter Ego (2020 Mix).mp3 (11.19 Mb)
mp353. Stephan Eicher - You don't have to look (InГ©dit).mp3 (8.48 Mb)
mp354. Charles Mingus - Peggy's Blue Skylight (Live at Carnegie Hall, New York, NY, January 19, 1974) (2021 Remaster).mp3 (27.34 Mb)
mp355. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme, Pt. IV - Psalm (Live).mp3 (16.91 Mb)
mp356. Bill Evans - How Deep Is The Ocean (Live At Oil Can Harry's - 1975).mp3 (13.5 Mb)
mp357. Lee Morgan - Speedball (Live (Friday, July 10, 1970 - Set 1)).mp3 (10.56 Mb)
mp358. Archie Shepp - Along Came Betty (Live in Paris 1974).mp3 (25.23 Mb)
mp359. Miles Davis - Amandla (Live at Vienne Jazz Festival, 1991).mp3 (14.13 Mb)
mp360. Wes Montgomery - Four on Six (Live).mp3 (15.01 Mb)
mp361. Madeleine Peyroux - Dance Me To The End Of Love (Live At Festival de Jazz de Vitoria-Gasteiz - 2005).mp3 (11.01 Mb)
mp362. Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan (Monitor Mix).mp3 (10.74 Mb)
mp363. Sun Ra - Where Pathways Meet (Alternate Mix).mp3 (15.03 Mb)
mp364. Chick Corea - What Game Shall We Play Today.mp3 (10.42 Mb)
mp365. Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Three for the Festival (Live at Newport Jazz Festival, 1968).mp3 (9.92 Mb)
mp366. Fitz Gore - Musication (The Talisman) [2].mp3 (13.7 Mb)
mp367. Don Cherry's New Researches - Butterfly Friend.mp3 (8.13 Mb)
mp368. Marian Anderson - Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child (Remastered).mp3 (6.97 Mb)
mp369. AndrГ© Previn - The Lute Player.mp3 (9.55 Mb)
mp370. Eugene Ormandy - Pohjola's Daughter, Op. 49 (Remastered).mp3 (27.19 Mb)
mp371. Fou Ts'ong - 4 Mazurkas, Op. 24- No. 4 in B-Flat Minor. Moderato.mp3 (10.49 Mb)
mp372. Fou Ts'ong - Berceuse in D-Flat Major, Op. 57 (Remastered).mp3 (11.78 Mb)
mp373. Clara Haskil - Nights in the Gardens of Spain.mp3 (23.03 Mb)
mp374. Bracha Eden - Mozart- Larghetto and Allegro in E-Flat Major, K. deest.mp3 (20.02 Mb)
mp375. Friedrich Gulda - Piano Sonata No. 18 in E-Flat Major, Op. 31 No. 3 ''The Hunt''- IV. Presto con fuoco.mp3 (9.95 Mb)
mp376. Orchestre De La Suisse Romande - Symphony No. 28 in C Major, K. 200-189K- 4. Presto.mp3 (9.62 Mb)
mp377. Wilhelm Furtwängler - Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 61- III. Rondo. Allegro (Cadenza by Kreisler).mp3 (23.29 Mb)
mp378. Geza Anda - Piano Concerto No. 2 in B-flat major, Op. 83- II. Allegro appassionato.mp3 (20.94 Mb)
mp379. Helmut Walcha - Bruhns, N.- Prelude and Fugue in G Major.mp3 (19.18 Mb)
mp380. Jeanne Demessieux - Franck- Finale, Op. 21.mp3 (22.9 Mb)
mp381. Eugene Ormandy - Symphony No. 6 in E-Flat Minor, Op. 111- III. Vivace.mp3 (26.34 Mb)
jpgcover.jpg (37.38 Kb)

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