Best of the 50s and 60s Rock 'n' Roll Music

Best of the 50s and 60s Rock 'n' Roll Music (2022) сборник [MP3] скачать торрент

Best of the 50s and 60s Rock 'n' Roll Music (2022) торрент
Исполнитель: сборник
Стиль: Rock, Pop
Год выпуска: 2022
Длительность: 03:50
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

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Краткое содержание Трек-листа сборника:

Various Artists - Best of the 50s and 60s Rock 'n' Roll Music (2022) Mp3 320kbps [PMEDIA] ⭐️ (101 файл)
mp3001. Ricky Nelson - I'm Walkin'.mp3 (4.73 Mb)
mp3002. Nat King Cole - Caroling, Caroling.mp3 (4.85 Mb)
mp3003. Elvis Presley - That's All Right.mp3 (4.71 Mb)
mp3004. The Spotnicks - Happy Guitar.mp3 (4.69 Mb)
mp3005. The Everly Brothers - Wake up Little Susie.mp3 (4.67 Mb)
mp3006. Ray Charles - Hit the Road Jack.mp3 (4.73 Mb)
mp3007. Dean Martin - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.mp3 (4.58 Mb)
mp3008. Cliff Richard - Ready Teddy.mp3 (4.6 Mb)
mp3009. Eddie Cochran - Blue Suede Shoes.mp3 (4.55 Mb)
mp3010. Fats Domino - Domino Stomp.mp3 (4.59 Mb)
mp3011. Eddie Cochran - C'mon Everybody.mp3 (4.55 Mb)
mp3012. Elvis Presley - Good Rockin' Tonight.mp3 (4.55 Mb)
mp3013. Johnny Burnette - You're Sixteen (Radio Version).mp3 (4.63 Mb)
mp3014. The Cameos - Merry Christmas.mp3 (4.55 Mb)
mp3015. The Everly Brothers - Problems.mp3 (4.55 Mb)
mp3016. Screamin' Joe Neal - Rock 'n' Roll Deacon.mp3 (5.27 Mb)
mp3017. Billy Riley - Flying Saucer Rock 'n' Roll.mp3 (4.89 Mb)
mp3018. Chuck Berry - Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller.mp3 (5.86 Mb)
mp3019. Johnny Cash - Rock 'n' Roll Ruby.mp3 (4.2 Mb)
mp3020. Fabian - Turn Me Loose.mp3 (5.72 Mb)
mp3021. The Vibrations - The Watusi.mp3 (6.22 Mb)
mp3022. Eddie Cochran - Twenty Flight Rock.mp3 (4.21 Mb)
mp3023. Danny & The Juniors - Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay.mp3 (5.89 Mb)
mp3024. The Five Keys - She's the Most.mp3 (5.05 Mb)
mp3025. Roy Orbison - Go Go Go.mp3 (5.15 Mb)
mp3026. Eddie Hodges - I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door (Radio Version).mp3 (4.98 Mb)
mp3027. Jesse James - Red Hot Rockin' Blues.mp3 (5.46 Mb)
mp3028. Pat Boone - A Wonderful Time up There.mp3 (4.97 Mb)
mp3029. Link Wray - Rumble.mp3 (5.69 Mb)
mp3030. Roy Orbison - Ooby Dooby.mp3 (5.2 Mb)
mp3031. Esquerita - Rockin' the Joint.mp3 (4.74 Mb)
mp3032. Bobby Freeman - Do You Want to Dance.mp3 (6.08 Mb)
mp3033. The Elegants - Little Star.mp3 (6.36 Mb)
mp3034. Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.mp3 (6.74 Mb)
mp3035. Rollers - The Continental Walk.mp3 (5.53 Mb)
mp3036. Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel.mp3 (5.11 Mb)
mp3037. Carl Perkins - Boppin' the Blues.mp3 (6.55 Mb)
mp3038. Bill Haley & His Comets - Rip It Up.mp3 (5.7 Mb)
mp3039. Scotty Mc Kay - Evenin' Time.mp3 (4.79 Mb)
mp3040. The Ventures - Walk Don't Run.mp3 (5.18 Mb)
mp3041. The Starlites - Valerie.mp3 (5.75 Mb)
mp3042. Sanford Clark - Modern Romance.mp3 (4.85 Mb)
mp3043. Roy Orbison - Rock House.mp3 (5 Mb)
mp3044. Ray Charles - It Should've Been Me.mp3 (6.47 Mb)
mp3045. Skeets Mc Donald - You Ought to See Your Grandma Rock.mp3 (4.82 Mb)
mp3046. Johnny Tillotson - Poetry in Motion.mp3 (5.91 Mb)
mp3047. Arthur Smith - Guitar Boogie.mp3 (8.02 Mb)
mp3048. Big Joe Turner - Lipstick, Powder and Paint.mp3 (5.73 Mb)
mp3049. G. L. Crockett - Look out Mabel.mp3 (6.11 Mb)
mp3050. Carl Perkins - Gone, Gone, Gone.mp3 (6.87 Mb)
mp3051. Dion - The Wanderer (Radio Version).mp3 (6.44 Mb)
mp3052. Lee Andrews & The Hearts - Teardrops.mp3 (5.62 Mb)
mp3053. Jerry Lee Lewis - My Girl Josephine.mp3 (5.52 Mb)
mp3054. Mercy Dee - Come Back, Maybellene.mp3 (5.84 Mb)
mp3055. The Fiestas - Dollar Bill.mp3 (6.54 Mb)
mp3056. Roy Orbison - I Like Love.mp3 (5.93 Mb)
mp3057. Bo Diddley - What Do You Know About Love _.mp3 (7.66 Mb)
mp3058. The Dovells - Bristol Stomp.mp3 (5.5 Mb)
mp3059. The Dubs - Don't Laugh at Me.mp3 (5.65 Mb)
mp3060. Huey Piano Smith - Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu.mp3 (5.33 Mb)
mp3061. Louis Prima - Buona Sera.mp3 (7 Mb)
mp3062. Carl Perkins - Honey Don't.mp3 (6.64 Mb)
mp3063. The Hollywood Argyles - Alley-Oop.mp3 (6.33 Mb)
mp3064. The Falcons - The Teacher.mp3 (6.59 Mb)
mp3065. Bobby Charles - See You Later, Alligator.mp3 (6.61 Mb)
mp3066. The Platters - Roses of Picardy.mp3 (5.06 Mb)
mp3067. Chuck Berry - Let It Rock.mp3 (4.34 Mb)
mp3068. The Shadows - Apache.mp3 (6.86 Mb)
mp3069. The Vernons Girls - Bad Motorcycle.mp3 (4.31 Mb)
mp3070. Jimmy Rodgers - Honeycomb.mp3 (5.28 Mb)
mp3071. Hoyt Johnson & The Four Recorders - Eanie Meanie Minie Mo.mp3 (5.34 Mb)
mp3072. Del Shannon - The Swiss Maid (Radio Version).mp3 (5.04 Mb)
mp3073. Dolly Cooper - My Man.mp3 (5.12 Mb)
mp3074. The Velvets - Tonight (Could Be the Night).mp3 (4.97 Mb)
mp3075. Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps - Git It.mp3 (5.73 Mb)
mp3076. Conway Twitty - Hey Little Lucy.mp3 (4.4 Mb)
mp3077. Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue.mp3 (5.84 Mb)
mp3078. The Blonde Bomber - Strollie Bun.mp3 (5.47 Mb)
mp3079. The Flamingos - Nobody Loves Me Like You.mp3 (5.32 Mb)
mp3080. Billy Carroll - Big Green Car.mp3 (5.65 Mb)
mp3081. Gene Vincent - Lotta Lovin'.mp3 (5.09 Mb)
mp3082. Perez Prado And His Orchestra - Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.mp3 (5.81 Mb)
mp3083. Ricky Nelson - Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You).mp3 (6.78 Mb)
mp3084. Don Lang & His Frantic Five - Ramshackle Daddy.mp3 (5.84 Mb)
mp3085. Cuddly Dudley - Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey.mp3 (4.08 Mb)
mp3086. Guy Mitchell - Singing the Blues.mp3 (5.7 Mb)
mp3087. Neville Taylor & The Cutters - Little Miss Ruby.mp3 (4.21 Mb)
mp3088. Carl Perkins - Honey, 'Cause I Love You.mp3 (5.52 Mb)
mp3089. Lee Denson - High School Hop.mp3 (4.37 Mb)
mp3090. Lou Graham - Wee Willie Brown.mp3 (5.04 Mb)
mp3091. The Contours - Do You Love Me_.mp3 (6.71 Mb)
mp3092. Adam Faith - Poor Me.mp3 (4.12 Mb)
mp3093. Wanda Jackson - Sticks and Stones (Radio Version).mp3 (5.05 Mb)
mp3094. Shirley & Lee - Let the Good Times Roll.mp3 (5.62 Mb)
mp3095. Danny Boy - Don't Go, Pretty Baby.mp3 (5.3 Mb)
mp3096. Rusty York - Sugaree.mp3 (6.3 Mb)
mp3097. B. Bumble & The Stingers - Nut Rocker (Radio Version).mp3 (4.74 Mb)
mp3098. Big Bopper - Big Bopper's Wedding.mp3 (5.22 Mb)
mp3099. Big Bopper - The Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor.mp3 (5.35 Mb)
mp3100. Jim Lowe - The Green Door.mp3 (5.3 Mb)
jpgcover (1).jpg (40.41 Kb)

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